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Voir le dernier message Downlaod Flash File C2 02 1 Rm 693 V7 48

Message Posté: 21 Avr 2016, 01:25

Posté par: conqfri

05-17-2013, 11:25 #5 (permalink) bigboss-62 Insane Poster Join Date: Mar 2007 Posts: 64 Member: 475600 Status: Offline Thanks Meter: 14 Quote: Originally Posted by 45069 need lumia 920 euro flashfile (dutch unbranded) Lumia 920 - RM-821 VAR EU NL CV BLACK (059R016) Firmware 1232.5951.1249.1002 Lumia 920 - RM-821 VAR EU NL CV WHITE (059R018) Firmware 1232.5951.1249.1002 . 3. 06-16-2013, 18:53 #15 (permalink) nacer aouadi No Life Poster Join Date: Sep 2008 Location: algeria Posts: 992 Member: 871499 Status: Offline Thanks Meter: 625 flash nokia 1616 rh-125 v6.51 ar fr flash nokia 1616 rh-125 v6.51 ar fr.rar The Following User Says Thank You to nacer aouadi For This Useful Post: djphonetech . Installation: 1. - If you need to download a different firmware version for the same product code, I suggest you wait for your first download to finish, save all the downloaded files in a marked folder, then proceed with your next download. Forum Hardware & Software Repairing Nokia Nokia Firmwares BB5 Flash Files Mega Thread: All Nokia Latest Flash Files (mediafire Links) .

05-21-2013, 12:13 #8 (permalink) Moiz Khan No Life Poster Join Date: Jul 2007 Location: India Posts: 2,440 Member: 557473 Status: Offline Sonork: 100.1627500 Thanks Meter: 1,875 New LINK For NOKIA Latest Flash Files Download - May 2013 Hello Members, While NAVIFIRM goes Shut Down and Various Other Links not working, here I m posting New LINK For NOKIA Latest Flash Files Download. Thread Information Users Browsing this Thread There are currently 1 users browsing this thread. 05-22-2013, 12:17 #10 (permalink) ub Freak Poster Join Date: May 2012 Posts: 464 Member: 1757379 Status: Offline Sonork: 100.1607959 Thanks Meter: 384 Free nokia files ! IF U LIKE PASS TANX RD :UB The Following User Says Thank You to ub For This Useful Post: m.awais.as . First install Nokia Suite. usergroupsconfiguration.cfg file You can download the usergroupsconfiguration.cfg file from HERE Alternate LINK to both files. Nokia 100 (RH-130) 4.40 Nokia 101 (RH-131) 4.30 Nokia 101 (RM-769) 7.70 Nokia 110 (RM-827) 3.33 Nokia 111 (RM-810) 3.32 Nokia 111 (RM-811) 3.32 Nokia 112 (RM-837) 3.32 Nokia 113 (RM-871) 3.32 Nokia 1202 (RH-111) 3.04 Nokia 1280 (RM-647) 7.00 Nokia 1616 (RM-125) 6.51 Nokia 1616 (RM-126) 6.80 Nokia 1800 (RM-653) 6.51 Nokia 1800 (RM-669) 6.51 Nokia 200 (RM-761) 11.95 Nokia 201 (RM-799) 11.95 Nokia 201 (RM-800) 11.95 Nokia 202 (RM-834) 20.52 Nokia 203 (RM-832) 20.52 Nokia 203 (RM-833) RM-833 Nokia 206 (RM-873) 3.58 Nokia 206 (RM-872) 3.59 Nokia 2690 (RM-635) 10.65 Nokia 2700 (RM-561) 9.98 Nokia 2710 (RM-586) 9.69 Nokia 2730 (RM-578) 10.47 Nokia 2730 (RM-579) 10.45 Nokia 300 (RM-781) 7.65 Nokia 302 (RM-813) 14.92 Nokia 303 (RM-763) 14.87 Nokia 3109C (RM-274) 7.21 Nokia 3110C (RM-237) 7.30 Nokia 3120C (RM-364) 12.35 Nokia 3120C (RM-365) 10.0 Nokia 3120C (RM-366) 10.0 Nokia 3208C (RM-572) 9.25 Nokia 3250 (RM-38) 4.21 Nokia 3500 (RM-272) 7.21 Nokia 3500 (RM-273) 7.21 Nokia 3555 (RM-270) 3.46 Nokia 3555 (RM-257) 5.07 Nokia 3555 (RM-277) 3.44 Nokia 3600S (RM-352) 7.23 57.23 Nokia 3610F (RM-429) 3.56 Nokia 3710F (RM-509) 9.73 Nokia 3710F (RM-510) 9.73 Nokia 3711F (RM-511) 3.80 Nokia 3720 (RM-518) 10.16 Nokia 500 (RM-750) 11.033 111.021.0028 Nokia 5130 (RM-495) 7.97 Nokia 5130 (RM-496) 6.68 Nokia 5200 (RM-174) 7.20 Nokia 5220 (RM-410) 7.23 Nokia 5220 (RM-411) 7.23 Nokia 5230 (RM-588) 51.6.002 51.9.002 Nokia 5230 (RM-593) 40.8.003 Nokia 5230 (RM-594) 51.2.002 Nokia 5230 (RM-629) 51.4.002 Nokia 5233/5232/5228 (RM-625) 51.9.002 Nokia 5250 (RM-684) 30.0.002 Nokia 5300 (RM-146) 7.20 Nokia 5300 (RM-147) 7.0 Nokia 5310 (RM-303) 10.10 59.42 Nokia 5310 (RM-304) 9.42 Nokia 5320 (RM-409) 6.203 Nokia 5320 (RM-416) 6.103 Nokia 5320 (RM-417) 5.16 Nokia 5330 (RM-615) 9.85 Nokia 5500 (RM-86) 4.60 Nokia 5530 (RM-504) 40.0.003 Nokia 5610 (RM-358) 9.70 Nokia 5610 (RM-242) 10.0 Nokia 5610 (RM-279) 9.40 Nokia 5610 (RM-359) 8.23 Nokia 5630 (RM-431) 13.009 Nokia 5630 (RM-432) 12.008 Nokia 5700 (RM-230) 4.21 Nokia 5700 (RM-302) 6.01 Nokia 5730 (RM-465) 200.12.87 Nokia 5800 (RM-356) 60.0.003 Nokia 5800 (RM-427) Nokia 5800 (RM-428) 51.2.007 Nokia 5800i (RM-602) 10.3.007 Nokia 603 (RM-779) 113.010.1506 Nokia 6085 (RM-198) 6.00 6.01 Nokia 6086 (RM-188) 6.00 Nokia 6086 (RM-260) 26.01 Nokia 6110N (RM-122) 6.01 Nokia 6110N (RM-186) 5.12 Nokia 6120 (RM-243) 7.20 Nokia 6120 (RM-310) 6.01 Nokia 6121 (RM-308) 5.11 Nokia 6122 (RM-425) 4.34 Nokia 6124 (RM-422) 4.62 Nokia 6125 (RM-178) 5.43 Nokia 6126/6133 (RM-126) 5.61 Nokia 6131 (RM-115) 6.60 Nokia 6136 (RM-199) 15.21 Nokia 6151 (RM-200) 4.10 4.11 Nokia 6208C (RM-458) 4.51 Nokia 6210N (RM-367) 5.501 Nokia 6210N (RM-386) 5.16 Nokia 6210N (RM-419) 4.13 Nokia 6210S (RM-408) 5.16 Nokia 6212 (RM-396) 6.20 Nokia 6220 (RM-328) 5.15 Nokia 6220 (RM-387) 5.15.1 Nokia 6233 (RM-145) 5.60 Nokia 6234 (RM-123) 5.60 Nokia 6260 (RM-368) 7.27 Nokia 6263 (RM-207) 5.20 Nokia 6267 (RM-210) 5.20 Nokia 6270 (RM-56) 3.90 Nokia 6280/6288 (RM-78) 6.43 Nokia 6288 (RM-268) 4.43 Nokia 6290 (RM-176) 3.06 Nokia 6300 (RM-217) 7.30 57.20 Nokia 6300 (RM-222) 7.21 Nokia 6300i (RM-337) 5.60 Nokia 6301 (RM-323) 8.22 Nokia 6303 (RM-443) 10.12 Nokia 6303i (RM-638) 10.80 Nokia 6350 (RM-455) 13.17 Nokia 6500C (RM-265) 10.50 Nokia 6500C (RM-397) 9.45 Nokia 6500S (RM-240) 12.35 Nokia 6500S (RM-278) 10.0 Nokia 6555 (RM-271) 3.46 Nokia 6555B (RM-289) RM-289 Nokia 6555C (RM-276) 3.41 Nokia 6600F (RM-325) 6.20 Nokia 6600S (RM-414) 6.55 Nokia 6600S (RM-415) 6.39 Nokia 6600i (RM-570) 36.60 Nokia 6630 (RM-1) 6.03.08 Nokia 6650 (RM-324) 3.26 Nokia 6650D (RM-400) 3.31 Nokia 6680 (RM-36) 5.050407 Nokia 6681 (RM-57) 6.09.00 Nokia 6682 (RM-58) 4.65.0 Nokia 6700C (RM-470) 13.21 Nokia 6700S (RM-576) 71.004 Nokia 6700S (RM-577) 71.004 Nokia 6702S (RM-682) 61.004 Nokia 6710N (RM-491) 31.022 Nokia 6720 (RM-424) 32.001 Nokia 6720 (RM-564) 32.001 Nokia 6730 (RM-547) 31.022 Nokia 6730 (RM-566) 31.023 Nokia 6750 (RM-381) 5.93 Nokia 6760 (RM-573) 21.005 Nokia 6790 (RM-599) 21.006 Nokia 6790 (RM-492) 3.22 Nokia 700 (RM-670) 113.010.1506 Nokia 701 (RM-774) 113.010.1506 Nokia 7020 (RM-497) 10.00 Nokia 702T (RM-730) 28.004 Nokia 7210 (RM-436) 7.23 Nokia 7230 (RM-598) 10.81 Nokia 7230 (RM-604) 10.81 10.82 Nokia 7310 (RM-378) 7.51 Nokia 7310 (RM-379) 9.40 Nokia 7370 (RM-70) 4.13 Nokia 7373 (RM-209) 5.50 Nokia 7390 (RM-140) 5.04 Nokia 7500 (RM-249) 5.21 Nokia 7510S (RM-398) 6.65 Nokia 7510S (RM-399) 3.90 Nokia 7610S (RM-354) 7.23 Nokia 7900 (RM-264) 4.84 Nokia 801T (RM-754) 28.004 Nokia 808 (RM-807) 113.010.1508 Nokia 8600 (RM-164) 4.04 Nokia 8800 (RM-233) 10.00 Nokia 8800a (RM-451) 10.00 Nokia Asha 205 (RM-862) 3.18 Nokia Asha 205 (RM-863) 3.18 Nokia Asha 205 (RM-864) 3.19 Nokia Asha 302 (RM-884) 14.92 Nokia Asha 305 (RM-766) 5.92 Nokia Asha 306 (RM-767) 5.93 Nokia Asha 306 (RM-768) 5.93 Nokia Asha 308 (RM-852) 5.85 Nokia Asha 308 (RM-838) 5.85 Nokia Asha 309 (RM-843) 5.85 Nokia Asha 311 (RM-714) 5.92 Nokia C1-01 (RM-607) 6.15 6.15a 6.20 Nokia C1-01.1 (RM-608) 6.20 Nokia C1-02 (RM-643) 6.20 Nokia C1-02i (RM-907) 4.10 Nokia C2-00 (RM-704) 3.99 Nokia C2-01 (RM-721) 11.40 Nokia C2-01 (RM-722) 11.40 Nokia C2-02/C2-07 (RM-692) 7.65 Nokia C2-02.1 (RM-693) 7.65 Nokia C2-03/C2-08/C2-06 (RM-702) 7.65 Nokia C2-05 (RM-724) 8.87 Nokia C2-05 (RM-725) 8.87 Nokia C3-00 (RM-614) 8.71 Nokia C3-01 (RM-640) 7.51 Nokia C3-01 (RM-776) 7.58 Nokia C5-00 (RM-645) 71.005 Nokia C5-00 5MP (RM-745) 102.002 Nokia C5-03 (RM-697) 23.0.015 Nokia C5-03 (RM-744) 101.003 Nokia C5-03.2 (RM-719) 23.1.015 Nokia C5-04/C5-04.1 (RM-720) 10.1.031 Nokia C5-05 (RM-815) 23.5.015 Nokia C5-06 (RM-816) 23.6.015 Nokia C5 (RM-688) 75.001 Nokia C6-00 (RM-612) 42.0.004 QWERTY AZERTY Nokia C6-00.1 (RM-624) 42.2.004 Nokia C6-01 (RM-601) 12.006 25.008 111.040.1511 Nokia C6-01 (RM-718) 12.006 25.007 111.040.1511 Nokia C7-00 (RM-675) 12.003 25.008 111.040.1511 Nokia C7-00 (RM-691) 24.002 The Following 25 Users Say Thank You to nasirahmed For This Useful Post: Show/Hide list of the thanked . - Partial List of Nokia Lumia product codes.

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Message Posté: 19 Avr 2016, 21:56

Posté par: conqfri

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Voir le dernier message Downlaod Flash File C2 02 1 Rm 693 V7 48

Message Posté: 19 Avr 2016, 16:31

Posté par: conqfri

Now enter the product code of your device, hit Check Online button, to check the latest firmware version of your product code. URDU, ARABIC,etc. 06-16-2013, 18:53 #15 (permalink) nacer aouadi No Life Poster Join Date: Sep 2008 Location: algeria Posts: 992 Member: 871499 Status: Offline Thanks Meter: 625 flash nokia 1616 rh-125 v6.51 ar fr flash nokia 1616 rh-125 v6.51 ar fr.rar The Following User Says Thank You to nacer aouadi For This Useful Post: djphonetech . Wait a few minutes for your files to download 7. usergroupsconfiguration.cfg file You can download the usergroupsconfiguration.cfg file from HERE Alternate LINK to both files.

TIP: - Your firmware should be stored in the C:ProgramDataNokiaPackagesProducts folder of your hard drive. After Nokia Suite installs, copy and replace the usergroupsconfiguration.cfg file to C:Program Files (x86)NokiaNokia Care SuiteProduct Support Tool For Store 5.0 if youre running a 64-bit version of Windows. Don't waste time !!! Smartphone and Smartwatch Discussion Android Android Apps Android Hardware Android Smartwatches HTC EVO 4G Desire Z/T-Mobile G2 T-Mobile MyTouch 4G Desire Google (Nexus One) Samsung Galaxy Huawei Motorola Milestone Sony Ericsson Sanyo LG Dell Acer Android Wiki Android Wiki BlackBerry Apple Apple iPhone Wiki iPhone comparison Apple Smartwatches iOS Jailbreaking and Unlocking iOS SDK Development iOS Apps iPhone/iPad/iPod touch Accessories Windows Windows Phone apps (S/W discussion) Windows Smartwatches WP Lounge Windows Mobile (Before 7) Windows Mobile Standard (Smartphone) Symbian/S60 S60 FAQ Themes, Wallpapers and Ringtones N-Gage Forum Developer's Area Series 80 Maemo/Meego HP/Palm webOS HP TouchPad Palm OS WinMo UIQ Important UIQ Information UIQ Ringtones/Wallpaper UIQ FAQ UIQ Application Discussion/Recommendations J2ME US Carrier Discussion AT&T HowardForums AT&T Wiki AT&T U-verse AT&T Lounge AT&T FAQ AT&T Agents and Employees AT&T Network Expansion and Upgrades AT&T GoPhone AT&T Phone Discussion AT&T Regular Phones PDA/Smartphone/Data Card Discussion HTC Android General Android Discussion RIM (Blackberry) Samsung Other AT&T PDAs/Smartphones Data Cards Apple iPhone on AT&T Sprint Sprint Employee Discussion SERO/Discounts & Deals 4G LTE Discussion Rants Sprint Device Discussion Sprint Smartphone Discussion Android iOS (iPhone) Windows Phone / Mobile Blackberry Regular Phone Discussion Airave/Data Cards/Embedded Devices Nextel General Nextel Discussion Hardware Modding Only Software Nextel Lounge Verizon Wireless Verizon FIOS VZW Employees and Agents Forum VZW Game and Application Reviews & Discussion VZW Lounge VZW Rants/Raves/Kudos Verizon Phone Discussion Smartphones and Tablets Android Motorola Droid RAZR and Bionic Droid X and X2 Other HTC Droid Incredible and Incredible 2 Samsung LG iOS BlackBerry Palm OS/webOS Windows Phone/Mobile Feature Phones Other Devices (HotSpots/MiFi, USB Modems, Netbooks, etc.) Verizon Prepaid T-Mobile HowardForums T-Mobile Wiki T-Mobile Employees & Dealers Tmo Lounge HotSpot / HotSpot Calling / Home T-Mobile ToGo T-Mobile Devices T-Mobile Device Discussion iPhone Windows Mobile Devices Samsung Nokia Blackberry(RIM) HTC Nexus One" by Google T-Mobile G2 with Google myTouch 3G Slide Sony Ericsson Data Aircards / USB Modems / Netbooks Other Phones ALLTEL ALLTEL BST Temporary Verizon/Alltel buyout discussion forum Alltel to AT&T Transition discussion USCellular USCC BST Clearwire Regional Providers and Other Providers Revol nTelos Canadian Carrier Discussion Bell Mobility Bell Lounge Virgin Mobile Canada Virgin Mobile Canada Virgin Mobile Canada FAQ Solo Mobile Canada Solo Mobile TELUS Mobility Mike Network and Devices Other TELUS Carriers Koodo Mobile Public Mobile Rogers Wireless Rogers Bundles Rogers FAQ Sales Central Rogers Retentions and You I am not getting what I agreed to! Rogers Smartphone Discussion Fido Fido iPhone on Fido/Rogers Discussion Sales Central fidoFAQ Chatr Chatr WIND Mobile WIND Mobile FAQ Mobilicity Mobilicity Wiki eastlink Regional Canadian Providers Tbaytel Sasktel MTS Aliant Videotron Canadian Wireless Industry Discussion US Prepaid/MVNO Discussion General Prepaid discussion Boost Mobile Virgin Mobile USA Virgin Mobile Wiki Virgin Mobile USA PayLo T-Mobile prepaid T-Mobile ToGo Wiki AT&T GoPhone Cricket/AIO Tracfone/Net10 Verizon Prepaid Straight Talk MetroPCS MetroPCS Flashing and Modding Tutorials, DIY Guides, and Custom ROM's MetroPCS Android Lounge Page Plus Cellular Page Plus Handset and Technical Forum Locus Telecomm (H2O/O2 Wireless) Airvoice Platinumtel Solavei Solavei Referrals Google Project Fi Canadian Prepaid/MVNO Discussion Virgin Mobile Canada Solo Mobile Koodo Mobile chatr wireless Fido General Canadian Prepaid/MVNO discussion PC Mobile 7-Eleven Speak Out Wireless Petro Canada Mobile Primus Canada Roam Mobility General Mobile Discussion Forums General Mobile Questions and Discussion General Wireless Industry Provider Rants, Kudos and Recommendations Phone Battle and Comparison Satellite Phones and Services Mobile Phone Reviews Landline Replacement / VOIP Bluetooth Forum Mobile Developers Forum Phone Discussion Nokia Nokia S60 Phones Maemo Nokia Wiki Nokia Modding Nokia Unlocking Nokia FAQ Wallpapers & Themes SonyEricsson Sony Ericsson Phone/Equipment Reviews Sony Ericsson FAQ Sony Ericsson Modding Sony Ericsson Unlocking SE Wallpaper/Themes/Software/Games Motorola HowardForums Motorola Wiki Motorola PC Software/Drivers Motorola Flashing/Flexing Motorola Modding Motorola Phone Problems CDMA Moto Discussion (Verizon, Alltel, Bell, US Cellular, Telus, etc) LG software ringtone/wallpaper Samsung Samsung FAQ HTC Which HTC is best for me? HTC Flashing and Unlocking Hacks and Programs For HTC Devices Danger T-Mobile Sidekick Sanyo Pantech UT Starcom / Audiovox Kyocera Japanese Phones Sharp Japanese Phone Android Discussion Panasonic Others Other Manufacturers Sendo Siemens Siemens FAQ European Carrier Discussion Forums European Carrier Discussion General European Discussion T-Mobile O2 Orange Vodafone Telefonica 3 Mobile Services Google Voice Google Sync Bundled Media Service Discussion U.S. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. From the Menu, select Tools, then Firmware Download 4. First install Nokia Suite. Then tick Optional Content Files and Download to save your firmware. 2. usergroupsconfiguration.cfg file You can download the usergroupsconfiguration.cfg file from HERE Alternate LINK to both files.

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Prenez le temps de lire ces informations avant de vous lancer dans l'administration de votre forum:

Comment accéder à votre panneau d'administration ?
Dans le menu du haut, cliquez sur connexion, une nouvelle page s'affiche, renseigner le nom d'utilisateur « Admin » et le mot de passe que vous avez indiqué lors de la création du forum. Si vous avez perdu ou oublié votre mot de passe, cliquez ici. Une fois que vous êtes connecté, cliquez sur le lien "Aller au Panneau d'administration" en bas de la page.

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Amusez-vous bien !

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